Taliban captured northern Afghan city of Kunduz

The Taliban have captured the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, one of the country’s largest regions, after furious battling with government forces.

Chaotic scenes are being reported with buildings and shops burning.
A nearby official said everything except the city’s airport had fallen to the militants. The group’s flag was seen raised in the city of Kunduz

Four provincial capitals have now fallen to the Taliban since Friday. Kunduz is their most significant addition this year.

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The militants additionally battled their direction into another northern city, Sar-e-Pul, which was captured not long after Kunduz. With the circumstance on the ground liquid, Afghan officials demand their forces stay in the cities that have fallen, and battling is progressing.

Violence has escalated across Afghanistan after the US and other international forces started to withdraw their army from the nation, following 20 years of military tasks.

Taliban militants have made quick advances lately. Having captured huge swathes of the open country, they are presently focusing on key towns and cities.

There is additionally weighty battling in Herat in the west, and the southern cities of Kandahar and Lashkar Gah.

Thousands of regular citizens have been dislodged during the battling this year. Families, including infants and small kids, have been protecting in a school in the north-eastern city of Asadabad.

“Many bombs were dropped on our town. The Taliban came and obliterated everything. We were powerless and had to leave our houses. Our youngsters and ourselves are resting on the ground in desperate conditions”, Gul Naaz told AFP.

“There was terminating, one of my seven-year-old girls went out during that battling and vanished. I couldn’t say whether she is alive or dead,” another uprooted occupant said.

In the interim, somewhere around 12 individuals were killed when a Taliban landmine, pointed toward attacking government forces, was detonated by a regular citizen vehicle in the eastern Paktia region, the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press announced.

The US has increased its airstrikes on Taliban positions, with Afghan military officials saying militants have been killed. In any case, the Taliban say the airstrikes hit two medical clinics and a school in the city of Lashkar Gah. Neither case has been freely confirmed.

The US embassy in Afghanistan has censured the Taliban’s “savage new offensive against Afghan cities”, saying the gathering’s activities to “persuasively force its standard are unsuitable”.

“They demonstrate wanton negligence for the government assistance and privileges of regular folks and will deteriorate this present country’s philanthropic emergency,” it said in a proclamation.

This attack on various strategic cities and their tumble to the Taliban was exceptional. Yet, as the cutoff time for the full withdrawal of unfamiliar forces drew nearer, a major change on the battlefield was normal.

Presently it is the ideal opportunity for the Afghan government to demonstrate that its exceptional forces, 350,000 in number, can retake the lost regions.

It would be hard for the Taliban to hold Kunduz, yet for a little while, the gathering has kept control of business focuses significantly for exchange with Iran and Pakistan.

The populaces in cities taken by the Taliban are following through on the cost of war, having lost friends and family or property. They are leaving their homes, dreading the dispatch of an administration activity to retake the cities.

The capture of Kunduz is the main increase for the Taliban since they dispatched their offensive in May.

The city, which is home to 270,000 persons, is viewed as an entryway to the country’s mineral-rich northern areas. Also, its area makes it strategically significant as thruways are associating Kunduz to other significant cities, including the capital Kabul, and the region imparts a boundary to Tajikistan.

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