Become a Local Guide: A Simple Guide to Joining Google’s Global Community of Explorers – Local Guide Program

Google’s Local Guide program is an initiative by Google that allows users to contribute to Google Maps and Google Business profiles. This gamified system rewards users with points for every contribution they make to Google Maps. These contributions include writing reviews, uploading photos, uploading videos, answering questions, adding places and roads, checking facts, and more. Users who accumulate a certain number of points will progress to higher levels of the program and unlock new badges. Local Guides are incentivized to contribute to Maps to keep the information up-to-date and accurate.

Users who join the Local Guide program become part of a global community of explorers who share their experiences with millions of people around the world. Being a Local Guide allows one to become recognized as a local expert by earning badges displayed next to their name on Google Maps. The higher the level, the higher the badge. Google Local Guide program has nine levels ranging from Level 1, which starts at 0 points, to Level 10, which requires 100,000 points to reach.

Becoming a Google Local Guide is easy. Users can sign up with their Google account and select their current location. After that, they can start contributing to Google Maps and Business Profiles. It is essential to note that the program is for individuals and not businesses. Contributions from businesses or business pages will not count toward Local Guides levels or benefits. Participants must meet the age requirements of their country to participate in the program.

The Google Local Guide program is a way of enhancing online presence and standing out on the world’s top search engine. Participants are recognized for keeping Maps and Business Profiles updated with accurate information, fresh imagery, and insightful reviews. In the past, Google offered bonuses such as free cloud storage and discounts in the Google Play store to high-level Local Guides. However, as the program grew, Google phased out the extras and now only offers badges. Although local guides occasionally receive early access to new Google features, there are no promises.

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