Kylie Jenner details postpartum trauma after son’s birth on ‘The Kardashians’

Kylie Jenner shared latest details about her postpartum experience since welcoming her son in February on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

The makeup mogul revealed that she cried for three weeks straight after giving birth to her second baby with partner Travis Scott.

Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner shared that her sister’s postpartum hormones were “probably all over the place,” to which, Kylie agreed and said, “It’s been really hard.”

Speaking of ‘the baby blues,’ the 25-year-old entrepreneur said, “I cried for, like, three weeks … every day to the point where I would be laying in bed and my head would just hurt so bad.”

Kylie explained, “But I feel better mentally,” she said, adding, “I’m not crying everyday so that’s great. I don’t have bad days with my body, I have bad days mentally.”

She also shared her experience of Googling her symptoms and said, “I’m not a doctor, but I read on Google [that] they call it baby blues when it doesn’t last past six weeks. After about six weeks, I started to feel better, but I definitely had a case of the blues.”

Kylie, who is also a mom of four-year-old Stormi, has spoken candidly to her Instagram followers about her postpartum struggles.

“It’s not easy, mentally, physically, spiritually, it’s just crazy,” she said in a March video. “I didn’t want to just get back to life without saying that.”

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