Naughtius Maximus on Twitter? Who is That?

Elon Musk changed his username, profile picture, and bio on Twitter. He changed the header of his profile to “Naughtius Maximus”. In another language, the name is pronounced “huge rascal.” He chooses an old snapshot of himself when he was a child.

For some time now, Elon Musk has been getting us used to weird ideas. In chronological order, the most current arrived today and smells like yet another prank. The Tesla owner from South Africa has significantly altered his online persona on Twitter and is now known as “Naughtius Maximus.”

It’s a statement from “The Life of Brian,” a Monty Python comedy from the latter part of the 1970s that tells the tale of Brian Cohen, a man who is mistaken for the Messiah after his death. When Brian is taken before Pilate and asked who his father was, Brian answers with full clarity, “Naughtius Maximus.”

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