BTS V dating BLACKPINK Jennie? Or Edited Pictures? LEAKED photos of K-pop idols shock fans

One Twitter user said, “I dont care whether my Jennie n your V are dating or not. BUT… I’m mad why their privacy being invaded?!!! Jennie is being stalked, her address leaked, her photography ig and icloud been hacked too.” Another commented, “I am sorry to say this but atp blinks and armys need to come together and look into this issue instead of dragging v and jennie this is not okay respect their privacy they are also humans” Check out-

So far neither of the two K-pop stars’ agencies have responded to the rumors directly. YG Entertainment previously emphasized on BLACKPINK’s overseas schedule when V was also rumored to be heading to meet with Jennie in the USA. However, the BTS member has since returned to South Korea while the BLACKPINK member continues to spend her time around the States.

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