Keanu Reeves Had One Goal for John Wick in ‘Chapter 4’: Make Him Suffer

“We keep finding new and interesting ways to have John Wick suffer,” filmmaker and longtime stunt expert Stahelski explained of the Lionsgate franchise that has snagged $579 million at the worldwide box office, propelled by Reeves doing much of his own stunt work and fight choreography alongside Stahelski (whom he met on The Matrix franchise). “That’s where the action comes from. Figure out how to make him suffer, and then design backward.”

He was spotted doing such activities when the footage debuted during CinemaCon, introduced by the pair during their time onstage. “You ready, John?” asks Laurence Fishburne’s character to kick off the trailer that promises “a new day is dawning, new ideas, new rules, new management.” Then Wick says, “I’m going to kill them all.” Cut to epic fight sequences (including one water-soaked scene), Wick riding a horse in the desert, car chases and Wick smashing a foe’s head with nunchucks. “I want you to find peace, John,” a character says in voiceover. Another: “The only path this leads to is death.”

Neither admitted to inserting nunchucks as a weapon of choice for Chapter 4 and they were equally tight-lipped about whether this one, set for release March 24, 2023, will be their last. “We just attack one at a time,” Reeves said.

Stahelski added: “We do it chapter by chapter. Just like an author; write the chapter, scratch head, write next chapter.”

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