Shah Rukh Khan On Hollywood Film Offers: “I’ll Do (Films) Which Will Make India Proud”

“I have never ever been offered any work in the West of any girth or value. I have always said that I want to make Indian films that will be watched internationally. People who are working in the West or Hollywood do really make sure that our name and Indianess is being spread there which is very good for future generations to come and is very commendable. I am not looking down upon them. I also feel I’m not good enough to do something in the west, language being one issue.”, SRK said.

“If I am offered something which makes me proud as an actor when I participate in it which in turn will make India proud, I will do it. The point is an Indian actor goes to the West and does a film that does not take away from the Indianess of the emotion. I would love to do such projects. But so far in 25 years, I will be very honest and open to say that no one from Hollywood on the western world has offered me.”

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