Kendall Jenner Finally Reacts to Criticism Over ‘Inappropriate’ Dress She Wore At Friend’s Wedding

The happy bride recently reposted a series of photos from her wedding to Instagram, captioning her post, “The greatest night of 2021! Happy New Year everyone!”

In a few snaps, Kendall—along with her hard-to-miss dress that’s featured drew criticism from followers, including one who commented, “Inappropriate outfit at a wedding @kendalljenner, I’m embarrassed for you. #cringe.” Another follower responded to that user’s comment, writing, “If the bride herself doesn’t gaf, why do you care, relax?” to which Lauren agreed, adding, “tell ‘em! SHE LOOKED STUNNING AND I LOVED IT!”

That’s where Kendall herself entered the chat, writing in response to Lauren, “Obvi, asked for your approval in advance, too. We love a beach wedding.”

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