Is The Matrix Resurrections A Reboot?

In a trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, Jonathan Groff’s character speaks to Thomas, which implies that we’ll see Neo’s origin story, after which the sequel will take off. This could be a reference to his career beginnings or it could be a hint that he’ll be reinserted into the simulation. Regardless, the film will likely test our fondness for The Matrix.}

While the sequel to The Matrix was widely anticipated, there were still many questions surrounding the plot. While the trailer showed the world in a different state than the first movie, it did provide a glimpse of what to expect. Essentially, the film looks like any other sci-fi action flick, until the characters start freezing bullets and jumping. While it might look like a rehash of the first film, there are some differences between the original film and the sequel.

While the plot of Matrix Resurrections will be the same as the first three movies, there are also some differences between the two. The third sequel, “The Prequel,” was a stand-alone film, and Lana Wachowski’s fourth movie, “The Matrix Resurrections,” is a continuation of the series. The franchise has been in development for several years, and Lana Wachowski is back for another run. The director has said that she plans to bring back the original actors for the new movie.

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