Xbox Game Pass: New And Upcoming Games For September 2021

Craftopia – September 2

Craftopia was added to Xbox Game Pass on the same day that it launched on Game Preview for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game pulls from numerous genres to make a unique open-world survival experience.  The game launched in 2020 through Early Access on Steam and has garnered a considerable fan base that enjoys the game’s variety of activities, large skill tree, and potential for fun with their friends. The developers are still adding on to Craftopia, but it already looks like a great title for fans of open-world and survival games to check out and explore.

The Artful Escape – September 9

The Artful Escape is a brand-new psychedelic platformer that follows a young musician on an interdimensional journey to inspire his burgeoning stage persona. The game’s trailers look gorgeous, to say the least, and The Artful Escape also boasts an impressive cast including Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey. The trailers are a clear love letter to rock music and its ability to inspire and transport individuals to new spaces. With the game’s music being developed by Galvatron, it will undoubtedly feature some creative and unique tunes for players to listen to as they explore The Artful Escape‘s side-scrolling levels. The Artful Escape is definitely worth checking out for fans of platformers or for any players who enjoy unique experiences and some great music to add to their playlists.

Aragami 2 – September 17

Aragami 2 looks to bring stealth-action back after a lack of AAA releases in the genre over recent years, and it will hopefully capture the same spirit and addicting gameplay that fans loved about the first entry in the series. The game sees players stepping into the shoes of an assassin tasked with navigating patrols of guards and citizens throughout levels to track down their target and kill them without being seen. To do so, players gain access to a variety of different abilities and pieces of equipment that help them navigate through the shadows and take down opponents without being detected. To make things even better, Aragami 2 features co-op so that players who want to experience the series’ revolutionary stealth-action together are able to do just that.

Sable – September 23

Sable will also be added to Xbox Game Pass on day one later this month, and it is a highly-anticipated indie title that focuses on open-world exploration. The game features some unique visuals and has had its music featured during events like this year’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff live event. Sable‘s developers say the game is focused on encouraging exploration and does not even include any combat or particular danger for players, instead hoping to just offer them a memorable, almost meditative experience that they will remember with a few puzzles thrown in as well. The game seems like a great fit for any players who want a unique world to explore or a meditative experience, and it should be a great choice for fans of games like Journey or Abzu.

Lemnis Gate – September 28

Lemnis Gate is also coming to Xbox Game Pass towards the end of this month. Lemnis Gate was delayed back in July, but it will look to reinvent the multiplayer hero shooter by introducing turn-based elements later this month. Matches in the game are played out over the course of multiple turns, with one player playing through their turn with a unique character to capture objectives or kill enemy characters. Each round the previous actions of players are acted out by the heroes used, allowing players to counter the turns of one another, which introduces lot of strategy to the game. Early reactions to Lemnis Gate have been very positive despite some finding the game tought to get used to because of its unique strategic elements. It features a few different modes, including a 2v2 mode that lets players grab a friend and tackle matches together.

Astria Ascending – September 30

Astria Ascending is a brand-new JRPG that is developed by the writer of Kingdom Hearts and various Final Fantasy titles Kazushige Nojima and Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer of Final Fantasy 12 and Vagrant Story. The game revisits the world of the poorly received JRPG Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey that was also developed by Nojima and Sakimoto, although it is being developed at an entirely different studio. The game follows eight customizable demi-gods that can take advantage of 20 unique classes to fight more than 200 different monsters. The game also features a very unique art style that was also present in Zodia: Orcanon Odyssey, and is not seen in many other titles. Hopefully, Astria Ascending’s storied team of developers can deliver a new experience that JRPG fans and Xbox Game Pass users can enjoy and sink their teeth into.

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